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The African Conference of Science Journalists

MESHA seeks to fill the lacuna of an effective, visible and result oriented continental link to further solidify gains in science journalism in Africa, update science journalists on the trends and latest research, and provide training and network opportunities for journalists, communications professionals, and policy makers.

For this reason, MESHA stepped in to organise the African Conference of Science Journalists. This forum has since been held three times under the leadership of MESHA. The first one, was held in 2012, with the second one being held in 2014 and the third was held in November 2018.

In this Conference, MESHA invites like-minded partners from non-governmental organizations, research institutions, government and the private sector to join and undertake a big conference, modelled on the philosophy of the World Conference of Science Journalists.

Previous African science journalists’ conferences have served as eye openers to the need for regular African science journalists conventions where journalists and others working in scientific communications, advocacy, and research meet and exchange ideas and experiences.


The Kenya Science Journalists Congress

Being the most active science journalists network, MESHA, holds the Kenya Science Journalists Congress every two years. This event brings together journalists from the East African region. From 2021, the event will be called The East African Conference of Science Journalists.

The event is held in an effort to sustain interactions among journalists and scientists in the region. Similar forums were held in October 2013 and November 2015. The Congress seeks to bring together key science journalists from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti, Sudan, and South Sudan. A total of nine countries. These countries do share borders hence time and again the journalists find it hard to tackle cross border science issues some of which have already ended up in conflict.

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