Training Scientists

Training scientists on the need to communicate their science


In its efforts to bridge the gap between journalists, MESHA, has undertaken to train scientists on how to communicate and network with the media, and link them to journalists who report on health and biodiversity. This will lead to a more vibrant community of scientists who are not media shy and who will be easily available to talk to the journalists who will in turn pass accurate, relevant and timely information to communities.


Our objectives

  • To equip scientists and journalists with skills to communicate science in layman’s language
  • To create networks for each scientist with editors and newsrooms
  • To form partnerships with science based organisations on emerging issues on biodiversity, health and agriculture.

Expected results

  • Scientists will be at ease to provide critical data to journalists.
  • Scientists will articulate biodiversity, health, agricultural and technological concepts in simple language.
  • Quality and quantity of stories published.
  • Better understanding of key biodiversity and science issues hence conscious action in protecting biodiversity among communities.

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