Pan-African science journalists conference opens

The Fifth African Conference of Science Journalists will take place from May 24-27 2022. This will be the second time the conference is held virtually.The conference, organised by The Media for Environment Science Health and Agriculture (MESHA) in conjunction with InfoNile/Water Journalists Association based in Uganda, will bring together over 200 international and local science journalists, communication professionals, scientists and policy makers. With the theme ‘Letting Science Live,’ the conference is a platform where stakeholders share knowledge and ideas on scientific issues in Africa; enhance networking between scientists, journalists, farmers, and traders; and explore ways of harmonizing the various policies on health, environment and agriculture.
“Participants will also deliberate on what promotes access to scientific information and use of geo-data in science communication. At the end of the showpiece, we hope to increase the interest, skills and knowledge of African journalists to pursue science stories,” says Bozo Jenje, MESHA Chairperson.
These objectives will be achieved through short presentations by selected experts in particular areas. Break-out skills training workshops will expose participants to techniques, tools, and new innovations in science reporting.

Fredrick Mugira, director, Water Journalists Association, said River Nile and Lake Victoria will also come into perspective during the conference.
“How much of Lake Victoria’s water is available for use by the riparian communities without hurting the ecosystem? Are just some of the issues that we will focus on.
Conference Director, Nduta Waweru, says the conference will also highlight issues of climate change farmer rights and biodiversity.
“Over the past few years, issues of biodiversity, especially on how policies and community involvement integrate to solve biodiversity challenges in Africa, offer an interesting perspective on how to address emerging problems,” she explained
The Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA) is a professional association of science journalists whose membership includes journalists, scientists and communicators with a big foot print in African science journalism.
MESHA has a track record of successfully organising and hosting high-profile congresses and conferences that bring together hundreds of participants —journalists, scientists, donors and communication officers from across Africa to learn and share.


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