Conference of Science Journalists Presentations

The African Conference of Science Journalists Presentations

MESHA fills the lacuna of an effective, visible and result oriented continental link to further solidify gains in science journalism in Africa, update science journalists on the trends and latest research findings, and provide training and network opportunities for journalists,
communications professionals, and policy makers.

For this reason, MESHA organises the African Conference of Science Journalists every two
years. This forum has since been held four times under the leadership of MESHA. The first one, was held in 2012, with the second one in 2014 and the third was held in November 2018. The fourth one was in 2020. In 2022, the Fifth conference will be held from May 23 to
27, 2022.


In this Conference, MESHA invites like-minded partners from non-governmental
organizations, research institutions, government and the private sector to join and
undertake a big conference, modelled on the philosophy of the World Conference of Science Journalists.

Previous African science journalists’ conferences have served as eye openers to the need for regular African science journalists conventions where journalists and others working in scientific communications, advocacy, and research meet and exchange ideas and

Connecting the Dots

Role of policy and community engagements in biodiversity conservation in africa

Bovine Diseases in livestock and wildlife

Guidelines on Use of Biotechnology in Good and Agriculture in Aftica

Turning research results into access: Tje case of the leishmaniasis East Africa platform

Towrads HIV epidemic control

Development and promotion of sustainable crop and animal production for smallholders in Africa

Seed Industries updates from selected African countries

Investigative and in-depth storytelling in environment and climate change

MESHA conference bulletin day one

MESHA bulletin day two

MESHA conference bulletin day three

MESHA bulletin day four

Dr Sam Oti

Dr Sam Oti is a medical doctor and public health expert. He is the founding secretary-general of the Network of Impact Evaluation Researchers in Africa (NIERA), and an inaugural member of the Global Health Decolonization Movement in Africa (GHDM-Africa). He is also the creator and host of MedxTek Africa – a podcast that showcases digital health and health technology innovations from across Africa. Dr Oti has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles, written several blogs and policy briefs, and spoken widely at international and regional events. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (UK) and an alumnus of the East Africa Social Science Translation fellowship program at the University of California, Berkeley.

Decolonising global health

Tebby Otieno

Conference of the future: A journalist’s perspectives on the Fifth MESHA African Conference of Science Journalists

Day 1 - Opening Remarks by Lens

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